The first high-performance social advertising hub on ETH Blockchain—connecting advertisers and users with the unique backing of being powered by an existing Display Ad Network.


Fast income

For users: With your earned ADMR tokens, you have the ability to stake ADMR and passively earning and supporting the ecosystem that will make ADMR scarce.


One-of-a-Kind - AdMonstar is the first to not only create an advertisement B2B platform built on the blockchain but ALSO have additional stake and burn activities coming in from an impeccable remuneration system fueled by

Scarcity bringing more value

As part of AdMonstar's roadmap, approximately 30% of each transaction (Advertiser to AdMonstar, and Advertiser to will go towards staking power within AdMonstar, supporting the $ADMR ecosystem, and making $ADMR even more scarce.

Project Details

An Advertising Hub where Publishers Reach Users; Users Earn by Interacting with Ads!
AdMonstar ($ADMR) is a decentralized and community-driven dividend platform that offers value to advertisers and users.


Advertisers need to reach a large number of people who will respond to their offers in the most effective ROI based way possible.

Marketers pay in stable coin to publish their advertisements on AdMonstar's online marketplace. In return, Advertisers reach thousands of users.


Users desire to improve their financial situation without constraints from a centralized platform.

Users interact with Ads and earn tokens and rewards, quickly, easily and securely.


AdMonstar Token:

Tokenomics : AdMonstar


Q3, 2021

Contract Creation
Whitepaper Completed
Website launch
Private sale
AMA on large crypto groups/community

Q4, 2021

Public sale
Smart Contract Audit
Liquidity launch
Exchange Listing
Token launch
CoinMarketCap Listing
Additional Partnership Announcements

Q2, 2022

Online marketplace platform launch business revenue model full integration

Business Partners

AdMonstar has a cornerstone strategic partnership with

Additionally, AdMonstar is seeking out vital strategic partnerships roadmap in China, India, and their respective significant populations, as well as with established global blockchain projects. Established blockchain project partnerships provide mass user adoption opportunities into the AdMonstar platform.

In China, we target partnerships incorporating AdMonstar with those running nodes supporting the bitcoin blockchain, a percentage will be granted to the node miners. A rate percentage is earning $ADMR. In India, we target partnership with a well-known Indian based blockchain project will provide ADMR staking rewards to users of the Indian project.


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